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Hey y'all!

I am a proud owner of a '87 75 2.0 Twinspark - my first foray into classics (maybe not the most obvious choice, but it's a car I find still holds up very nicely these days). With that being said, the previous owner wasn't completely honest about the car's faults, so it's been a ride.
Some time ago a problem immobilized the car and I found myself having to push it. I called my boyfriend over for help and somehow we drove the right side mirror into a wall, effectively crushing it. It is electric (only the passenger one, which I find odd) and I've been looking for replacements, but on some sources it says that mirrors from 1989 onward are incompatible with the "first generation", while other sources seem to say they're interchangeable. If someone who understands could help me assess the issue I'd really appreciate it, as I can't get the car back from the shop until that's solved, and it's been there for months.

Another issue I have is with the horn - it is not working at all and the previous owner had replaced the wheel thinking it would solve it but it didn't. I'm not particularly fond of the wheel anyway (those 33 type ones) and so if I could solve it by mounting an entirely different wheel I would, but the problem seems to be the wiring.

Thanks in advance!
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