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A bit of an emergency,any info would be appreciated.

A couple of days ago the clutch on my 2004 2.4 JTD 10 V began causing problems.I've checked straight away with the mechanic,he confirmed that I need to replace the entire clutch kit.
Until half an hour ago my parts supplier was sure that the Valeo 821325 part no. was the right clutch for my car.He has just called to tell me that this clutch may not fit to my car ,and the alternative would be another clutch,wich is 200 euros more expensive than the Valeo 821325(he also said that this is unusual dear for a clutch).The problem is that this more expensive clutch can only be ordered as a "Ricambi Originali" from Italy or Germany,and it's not available at the moment in Romania.And I should be driving my Alfa to our national meeting on Friday morning.:(

Form what I can understand,the problem could be due to the fact that the 10V diesel engine (150 hp) is quite rare on the facelift,most of the facelifted 166s have the 20V version (175 hp).

The question is,if someone here has exactly my type of car (I know that the 2.4 wasn't sold in the UK) or someone who is a mechanic or a parts supplier can confirm that for the 2004 2.4 JTD 10V,6 gears,with the engine code 841C.000,the Valeo 821325 is the right clutch.
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