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I have a 2003 Alfa 147 Selespeed that needs some TLC it would seem and I don't want to drive her until she's had it.

I was hoping there was someone close to Croydon who could come round and put her on the computer so I can adjust the clutch rod and calibrate the selespeed.

Yesterday on two occasions when stopped she was unable to get any gears however given some time to rest (cool down) gear selection was available again.

My initial thoughts were that the clutch rod is out and need adjusting but if anyone has any other theories I am open to hearing them especially regarding why resting (cooling down) would get the gears back.

Just for background -
The clutch and release bearing itself are 3 years old (25k), however the last rod calibration was about seven or eight months (16k) ago.

In terms of the spannering and workspace - I have a full garage and am able to adjust the rod and calibrate myself but don't have alfadiag or the correct cable to check the length as i'm adjusting currently (i normally use an ex member whose moved down to Taunton so a bit far for just the one thing).

Any help or input is appreciated.
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