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Clutch Quandry GT

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Hi All - just been reading through all the threads I can find on the subject of GT clutch pedal anomalies but can't pin down anything similar to what I am having....

2005 GT Jtd - clutch has always been on the heavy side but nothing drastic. When pushing the clutch pedal down, the last 5% or so of the travel, when the pedal is about to hit the deck, it suddenly becomes much easier.

On lifting the clutch pedal back up, there feels like a "notch" in the last 10% of upward travel, as in it sticks a bit then "pings" itself back up. Sorry, I know notch and ping are not very technical terms but that's the best way I can describe it.

Clutch operation is fine other than that. Had a new driveshaft fitted a couple of months ago and my mechanic said it looked as though the car had had a replacement clutch fitted at some point (bought car with limited history...).

Anyhow - anyone else had symptoms like this and is it an omen of trouble...?

Many thanks, Tom
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Alfa - why did I doubt you.....

Well I'm feeling quite pleased with myself and like a bit of a numpty at the same time.
Was sat in the car earlier today, waiting for someone and did a bit of investigating around the clutch pedal....

Turns out that the overmat is curled up underneath the pedal and is/was catching on the pedal when pushing down, just enough to give the sensation of something amiss and doing the same on pedal return.

A quick straighten/bend of the offending mat and clutch pedal now feels just as it should - there was me thinking, there's bound to be something wrong that is going to cost an arm and a leg to put right.
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