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Clutch problems

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My breaks are needing done an in the last week or so my low brake fluid warning message was being displayed on my dash.

I had noticed a few small patches of fluid under my car. Got up this morning to go to work an the clutch pedal was on the floor. No pressure at all.

So my leakage must have been from the clutch not the brakes. The car has been driving fine an I had no problems at all with the clutch that made me expect this.drove home from work last night an it was fine - this morning the clutch completely gone, tho the warning message on my dash for brake fluid had been showing for a few days.

My mechanic is going to have a look later but it says it could be a big job. I mentioned I had read a bit about this happening on this forum an he asked what three back was. He reckons it will be a big or simple job based on if the problem is external or internal with the save cylinder

Based on what I've posted can anyone relate to this problem being internal or external?
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Hi mate, was just coming onto post that my mechanic is coming round tonight an I'm praying its the quicker fix, the gear box option is coming in around £500 for parts an labour,that's the cocentric slave cylinder, the boy I bought the car from says the car is a 3 piece clutch system and doesnt have a concentric slave, he says the problem is the cheaper option and a £30 part. Really hoping that's the case. It's 1.9 JTD lusso i have and the boy I bought the car from is a bit of an Alfa connoseaur so I'm hoping he's right.
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