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Clutch problem!

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Hi guys happy nem year.I need some help.I have an alfa romeo 147 1.6 and i have a problem with my clutch.When the car had 10000 kilometers when i was placing the 1 gear and the back gear the car was shaking and i couldn't start moving.I change the clutch kit in warranty but here there is the real problem.From the first day i took my car repaired when i place the back gear and i leave the clutch pedal to midle when i whack up at 1500 rpms i here a noise from the clutch inside and know after 13000 kilometers with my new clutch it starts doing it to firts gear to.They told me that i have to change the clutch kit again.Why i have this problem?What clutch kit should i place?The 've told me to place valeo.My car in the begining had ap-fiat.Please any one if knows something please respond i am very sad:confused:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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