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Replaced the clutch on 156 2.5 V6 just over a year ago after the clutch pedal effort became pretty hard, and some shudder on pulling away.

The clutch take up was still pretty high up on pedal travel and pedal effort better, but not by as much as much as I hoped for.

The clutch has done some 15000 kms and then started slipping in higher gears when the engine got hot. The workshop that replaced the clutch recommended they remove it and send it in to ALFA with a claim, though its outside of the one year guarantee period and they were not very hopeful of a refund or replacement part, although they agreed the mileage done is very low for the wear experienced.

I removed the battery and mounting plate to take a look at the slave cylinder and found its not releasing the clutch fully, one turn on on the bleed screw saw the pressure being released and the clutch engaged fully.

To make a very long story short, it ended up being the master cylinder front seal that would not release any built up pressure in the line back to the resorvoir.

Its a back breaker to remove, but replaced the seals with those from a Fiat Uno, and clutch pedal action is restored.

Saved myself a packet by having a look around myself instead of booking it in to the workshop again.............
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