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147, stock height, on 16" wheels.

My CV joints area bit worn, I might get a few clicks when accelerating violently with the steering at full lock, but that's all. My mechanic thinks there's still life in them (visited him few months ago)

So lately I get a click or double click when accelerating from a stop or changing gears on a straight line. It seems to click right after the clutch engages. The click sound is almost identical to the CV joint one, but a little more metallic and less muffled. The same happens when letting of the throttle or accelerating again (without doing anything to the clutch).

The usual CV joint clicking when on full lock hasn't got any worse since the acceleration clicking started.

It doesn't click when on neutral, even over bumps and potholes. It doesn't click if I rev the car in neutral.
My clutch has 40000kms and feels great.

I kinda ruled out suspension components seems the car handles and brakes perfectly and makes no noises over rough roads.

What are the next suspects? Engine mounts seem to be ok, I can move the engine a bit by hand but I know the clunking sound of bad engine mounts, I don't think this is the issue.
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