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My new Alfa has now spent 48 hours outside, it's still gleaming and i'd like to keep it that way. I've previously used Autoglym or Turlte Wax products, but does anyone have recommendations for shampoos & waxes that are suitable for an Alfa Red? Thanks

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Having recently got my GT, I thought I'd use the "new car" enthusiasm to stock up on a few cleaning products.
Looking through the "snow foam" based posts here, I took the plunge & I'm really quite impressed with the stuff.
Although I've got several half-full bottles of all sorts of cleaning products to use up, if I was starting from new,definitely on my list would be something like this :-
Karcher pressure washer,
Autobrite snow foam lance
Bilt hamber auto wash
Meguairs shampoo
AG Aquawax
A good wash mitt & a few good & large micro-fibre cloths/towels.

In addition, I'd also want
Some wheel wash, (maybe AG?) & a selection of brushes
A really good/ quick/easy to apply wax to use a few times a year. Don't know which brand yet. Meguairs/P21/Dodo/ other. Any ideas guys?
Some glass cleaner--it all seems the same to me.
Some "back-to-black" type product for external black trim,
Some interior plastics cleaner, the AG stuff seems OK
Leather cleaner/treatment, again, the AG stuff seems to be OK.
A few more cloths/old towels to apply the mucky stuff with, to keep the Micro-fibre towels separate for the paintwork
Maybe some tyre-dressing & wheel wax to guard against brake dust build up
A vacuum cleaner including some small nozzles/attachments to get into all the small nooks & crannies between the seats etc etc.
I've yet to try "claying", but in the past I have used Zymol HD cleanse, which I assume does a similar job?
And a pre-wax polish of some description.
OK, what have I missed?

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