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Sorry there are no "before" pix but she was pretty bad when I bought her in February. Think she'd been cleaned with a yardbrush and scouring pad.

I've probably spent over 50 hours since Feb going over her with Meguire's ScratchX and then SwirlX - by hand! (After using Megs clay and QD)

She's a lot better but nowhere near how she could be with machine correction.

Anyway, I'm pretty new to all this so just used what I have in the garage:

Auto Glym Wash
Auto Glym Tar Remover
Meguires Clay and Quick Detailer
Auto Glym SRP
Auto Glym EGP (waited and hour before buffing off - really made a difference!)
Turtle Wax Glass Polish

Lots of cheap microfibre cloths.

Should have used the 3M masking tape I bought (I forgot I had it)

This was done a week ago but only got round to taking pix today - after giving her a quick wipe over with QD. Surprised how well she came up again!

Oh, I also used AG Leather cleaner and AG Leather Cream on the interior along with AG Interior Shampoo. Looks like new again, but I didn't take any pix!

A dual-action polisher is already on the Xmas list. My arms can't take any more!


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Looks very nice, good work :thumbs:
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