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Hey guys,

As some of you may know I am getting married to one unlucky lady on 5th September this year, :lol: ,and the missus was supposed to be getting a lift to the church in her uncles Bentley GT Conty, but he doesn't want that to happen for whatever reason, so I thought I'd see if anybody on here had a fancy car and wanted to be a chauffeur for a morning???

Of course I would cover all petrol bills as well as pay you for your time etc, and you'd get to attend the party on the night if you so wished or whatever??? (Free food but not booze, cheap skates right??? :lol: )

Ideally I tried to PM Fred Dibnah as I know he has an Aston DB6, but expected it to be a long shot, and his PM quota was taken up and I couldn't send a Pager MSG either.

So, does anybody have a nice fancy motor they can take my missus to the church in??? I don't think a Ford Probe with ribbons quite cuts it, :lol:

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