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Hey everyone! So, As I posted in the Newbie Area, which I totally am, I have purchased my first Alfa. I'm very excited about it and I know that since it's a 2008 it will be, to some degree, a labor of love, as I work to get it into a condition that will keep it well maintained from when I purchased it.

My list of needs for a 2008 vehicle I'm sure are pretty vast, but my short list is:
1. Get everything checked out (and re-prioritize afterwards)
2. Get all the fluids changed if needed
3. Take care of the suspension crunchiness
4. Check that squeaking rear brake (Fixed)
5. Take out that, more or less, busted Pioneer Sound System / Nav unit and get something else with CarPlay.
6. Figure out whether I want to spend the money to have the top panel repainted since some of the protective coating is gone. >_<
7. Stock up on a stupid amount of Alfa accessories.

So, aside from the brake getting fixed, I immediately brought it to the dealership because I know the front end suspension would need work. (It was quite obvious as it sounded crunchy) Funny enough, after getting info on what needs to be done, they said it will be, at least, a month until they get the parts. I was ... well, I was sort've suprised it would take a dealership that long, but it didn't bother me TOO much since the car isn't an every day need for me. He gave the car back to me until the parts came out.

Anyway, so the point of the this post: I got the car back while I wait, and I bought a Sony AX1000 double-din radio to swap out my half-functioning Pioneer AVIC D3 radio. So, the trim came off easily enough and then I hit a snag... everywhere it seems I have read says there are some front-facing screws that need to be removed to slide it out. Yep, I don't see any... so I wonder if anyone has had any experience removing one of these from their Brera, 159, etc... and if so, do you have any advice at all? I'm wondering if I will need to remove the whole front panel to extract this.

Thanks in advance everybody,


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