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I've had CUP 69 for a month now and wanted to get it looked over properly so took it up to Autolusso for a Saturday Morning Surgery (great idea!) to see what things were like underneath.

The good news was that Ned said it was one of the nicest he'd seen :) The other good news was he spotted a rather nasty looking oil leak from the cooler pipes near the drivers side wheel. I say "other good" news because this just isn't the sort of thing I'd have been likely to spot - the previous owner had a gravel drive and so tiny spots of oil would not have been obvious and where I park has a similar issue, so there was a good chance that it wouldn't have been picked up until the next MOT date and might have failed before then anyway.

The reason for my post however is that Ned had a lot of trouble getting one of the cooler pipes as it is seemingly no longer in production!

Having googled a bit, it seems that this particular fault crops up more than a little often and it would now be something I would always check for if buying a GTV. Given the potential shortage of spare parts, it might also be a good idea to check your own for corrosion now, before it is too late...

I had it undersealed at the same time as there were some signs of rust starting to show too.

Very glad to have discovered AL and whilst they are a bit far away from me, that does of course give me a very enjoyable journey there and back listening to the sounds of that lovely V6 :D
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