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splendid, cheers keith. will be ordering from them in the morning and approaching mrs al's focus with great trepidation & a couple of spanners later in the week... never changed any brake pads before, will be relying on a couple of how-to guides on youtube

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Piece of **** but you might need allen keys (7mm I think).

Have sent PM.

Basic gist is:

1. Jack it up and take the wheels of.
2. Take the top off the master cylinder (you could also extract a bit of fluid to stop it overflowing when you push the pistons back)
3, Prise off the plastic caps over the bolts securing the caliper to the carrier then undo the bolts which I think are 7mm allen ones.
4. Wiggle the caliper and pads off the disc.
5. Clean up where the pads go with a wire brush
6. Push the piston back in the caliper (big G-clamp or just push it back with the handle of a hammer).
7. Put the new pads in place (a bit of copper grease where the piston is wouldn't go amiss to help stop squealing)
8. Bolt the caliper back on.
9. Get in the car and pump the pedal gently to bring the pads into contact with the discs. (If you don't do this the pedal will hit the floor when you drive it and give you a heart attack)
10. Check the fluid level, refit the master cylinder cap, refit the wheels.
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