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My MAF is playing up. took mine out and got the number off the side

I put this number into Ebay and found some sellers doing Bosch MAF's and housing inc. postage for £55

Snapped one up, there are some left if people need them.

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Sorry folks I put the wrong number. Try this:
It is the number from my 03 plate V6 MAf flow sensor housing.

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I hate to tell you this Paul, but! they are cheaper for a reason and its not good.:(
The guy told me it they are Bosch sensors and each one come with a years warranty. Over 4000 100% positive feedback, all of which are from MAFs, company called oxflow.

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One of the MAFs is described as:
This Brand New AIR FLOW METER is a replacement for part numbers below!
Bosch 0280 218 054
Alfa Romeo 46749246
Alfa Romeo 55193049
Alfa Romeo 60816693​
the other as:
BOSCH NO : 0280 218 054 (0280217054)
OEM PART NO : 46749246, 55193049, 60816693​
There is no claim for either as being made by Bosch, and at that price will not be.
I once bought one of these Chinese clones for my old 156, it was rubbish. I sent it back, did get a refund but not for the return postage.

The sensor only for the MAF is described as:
NEW Air Flow Mass meter Sensor
You are looking at a BRAND NEW Air flow meter
Our Items are NOT reconditioned.
They are NOT refurbished.
They DO have a 12 month warranty
It is used to replace the sensor fitted to the air flow meter number 0280 218 054
The Manufactures part number that this part replaces is:
ALFA/FIAT 46749246
ALFA/FIAT 55193049
ALFA/FIAT 60816693​

Once again there is no claim that it is made by Bosch. The ebay feedback is not good, many duff units.

Caveat Emptor, aka do not touch with a bargepole.

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sensigsys - under distance selling regs you should get a refund of ALL postage charges.
Paul - get it writing from seller that these are genuine Bosch sensors, before buying.
These sensors can be had for less than official Alfa prices - the Vauxhall replacement for CF2 is an example - £70. Alfa seem to think it fair to charge another £150 for a slightly bigger plastic tube to house it.

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I looked at webcon mafs (cheap), but decided to buy a genuine Bosch Maf instead because once the maf is fitted it cannot be refunded according to webcon.

Euro car parts Bosch maf was £108 last year but after purchase i saw it cheaper at Alternative auto's web site.
A Maf for £55 doesn't sound cheap to me if it is inferior to a genuine unit.

I'd rather pay the extra and be done with it...CF2.
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