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hi guys

i bought a 145 qv 2.0 TS a couple of months back, and apart from loving the model i had no idea what i was going to do with it, possibly a legal hot track day car seeing as i have another 3 alfa's already, but i bought it anyway.

i have done nothing with it, and thats a shame because it could make a really good car for someone, so standing around over winter is not my idea of doing a car justice.

It is a red P plate, which means at that age it is also pink, not sure if it will polish up or not,
and there is a crease to the NS front wing and and NS rear corner before the tailight aperture, but neither of these bothered me as they are still rust free and not exposing at all, and as it was faded and cheap i thought i could either live with it, or have a go at painting it myself, mainly because the 145 with its two doors and glass/pillar layout would be a doddle to diy improve.

mechanically, no problems found except the cold start seems to stick, or the afm could do with changing, as the rev's are a bit high at idle, and never quite seem to settle down, but i drove her back around 50 miles of, errr, not hanging about, and she was good as gold, very quick and responsive as 145 QV's are, clutch, gearbox, brakes, suspension, steering, cooling etc were all spot on, no drama whatsoever.

story is she had been stood for around 3 years, hence the paint fading i suppose, and was then returned to the former owner and relative to do something with it, so it was a fresh battery and tank of fuel, cracked up, and it's journey from london to leicester was it's baptism of fire after a 3 year lay up, two days later i bought it and drove her nifty style leicester to north newark, and now she is sitting idle again.

the interior is good and tidy, a couple of faults with the front seats, could be chewing gum or glue related, might improve but nothing major, no areas of weakness or rubbed bolsters, just grubby and valet required, could be done for you if i get time, even still has a nokia phone kit installed!

i have temporarily tried my own stereo in it just to prove the wiring, and all was fine, and all four speakers sound good, in fact everything works as far as i can tell, windows, sunroof etc all good.

the only other issue i have found is that theyre is a wheel stud broke, but i only noticed this once back home, there was no wobbles or shudders from the wheels at any speed, so its certainly not in danger of falling off, but it will of course need drilling out at some point, again, i might have a go if i can get ay time on it, it won't be difficult.

i think it would MOT very easily, it might improve its appearance with nothing more than a good compound or polish, but if you think along the lines of it needing some attention to the wing and pillar corner anyway, you won't worry too much about the sun bleached bits.

so i thought before it offered up to the general public in the classifieds etc, this section of the forum would be better knowing about it for first refusals.

i can take photo's later in the week, its always dark by the time i get anywhere near it at the mo, or alternatively you can just come along and see it on the flesh.

offers welcome from members, pm me, ring me 07875 749472, or mail me [email protected]

thanks for looking,

please consider giving her a good home!!!

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