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Changing doors...

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... is it straight forward?

Basically, the story goes like this...

Saturday, over a speed bump with the drivers window down. Something went clunk in the door. I was near home so kept going. As i pulled up outside the house the window dropped at the front and popped out at the back. I grabbed the window (Spidergirl style, sticky fingers) while OH popped the door card to see what went clunk. Basically the window runner and mech is f:rant:d so was looking at new ones, used ones, and came across a door for the same price in good nick. All acoutic lining and wire looms are present, speakers and glass too. Needs door handle and wing mirror but i was thinking that i could harvest those from my door. I'll need a window/ mirror switch box but thats all.

So is it easy enough to swap over? I'm more worried about making sure that nothing will need recoding. Cant afford to fall into that trap :(

Also, since the door card has been off, the boot release isn't working, from the fob or from the button on the dash. What could have happened there? :confused:

Cheers in advance!
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Unless you're lucky, it will be faded to a different colour, especially if it's red. And in my experience no parts supplier takes much care when removing panels from scrap cars because they assume they're getting painted, so it will probably be scratched. I'd just fit a new window reg.
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