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Changing a connect + on a 2006 147

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Anyone done it? My screen is so faded I can hardly read it and my Alfa ipod connector is driving me nuts by starting with the same song everytime I turn the engine on.

Did some preliminary enquiries at Halfords and I was up to about £170 for fascias, steering wheel harnesses etc before I even considered what stereo I wanted.

Not too bothered about losing the phone and the sat nav but would like to keep the steering wheel controls, ipod connectivity and don't want my dashboard to look a mess with oversized fascia or blingy bright light stereos.

Any advice from anyone who has made the change appreciated
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Don't go near Halfords unless you're made of money! I did the wife's 147 with these:

Obviously, the last one will depend upon the make of stereo you're using. You'll probably also need an ISO harness adapter

When you connect the power wires, you will probably also need to swap the switched and permanent live wires, if it keeps blowing fuses - Alfa didn't wire their cars up like everyone else.
Very helpful, thanks!
No worries mate. If you run into any snags, let me know. I did it quite a while ago, but if I can be of any more help, I will.

Some of those kits can be a bit pricey, I think I bought all separate items when I did it, actually worked out cheaper even with postage. Try these guys as well:
I am a little nervous about doing all of this myself so your offer of help is much appreciated! How complicated is swapping the switched and permanent live if it needs doing? Will it just be plug and play once I have the harnesses etc?
Try it first as plug and play, but if the radio fuse blows, or, as with happened with my 156, the stereo wouldn't turn on properly - just stayed on the demo function, you can try swapping the wires. IIRC, one is yellow, possibly orange, and the other is red, usually with an in-line fuse thing. Leaving enough cable length allow you to join them easily, snip both wires and rejoin, e.g. red to yellow and vice-versa. Replace the fuse and try again.

The advice I've given above and in previous posts is based on my personal experiences installing aftermarket stereos in my wife's 147 and my 156. I'm not responsible for any damage or faults that occur if you follow the advice. Do it at your own risk. :thumbs:
Thanks Sooty Si, I'll probably be back with more questions once I take the my own risk obviously :)
Are you sure its not just the brightness turned down to its lowest level and/or the the same level for day and night ?

I gotta spare screen for a Nav+, if you send me your unit I ll fit it for you for far less than the cost of a new HU.

This will give you iPod connectivity (plus SD card socket, aux in and USB in) :

New screen and the Yatour unit would cost only a little more than all the kit you need to for a new HU, let alone the cost of the new unit. :)
Shame the Connect Nav+ is such a piece of crap. If they'd put a bit of effort into it, it could have been great. Maps that take ages to load from disc, lose their way half the time, and you can't navigate and listen to music at the same time unless you preload the map and hope there's no diversions on the way. Coupled with a cheap Blaupunkt CD player as well! The only half-decent bit is the phone. Better off with a decent HU and satnav / smartphone with google maps.
Your 156 system is totally different form the 147/GT system, different software, different hardware.

The 156 one was designed in the mid 90s, the 147/GT was one designed in the late 90s, they were both quite advanced when they came out, but things have moved on.

You can listen to music if you have a cd changer/virtual cd changer.
The connect + on my 159 is streets ahead of the one in the 147. Music is muted whilst the sat nav gives directions. If the 147 one with it's nasty red faded screen was half as good I wouldn't be thinking about changing it. My only complaint with the one in the 159 is the cost of up to date discs. The sat nav is excellent. The 159 is only one year younger than the 147 too, either mine is an old style one or they put a better quality one in the 159
The 159 one is different to the 147 one - the 147/GT one was developed in the late 90s, the 159 one was developed in the early 2000s, so its gonna be better. So, your 147 one is NOT "only 1 year younger than the 147" - the 147 was launched in 2000, the 159 in 2005 - the 159 is 5 years younger.

As I said in my earlier post - your screen is either broken or youve got the screen brightness settings on low. The music should mute when nav instructions are spoken, if they dont then you probably need a software update - if youre running it on the same software it left the factory with then its deffo gonna not function properly - update your software !

For nav discs for both units see GPSundergroundforums, theyll cost you nothing.

So, to reacp

a) your software probably needs updating, this will considerably improve performance, number of satellites found and add extra features, including music muting
b) check your screen brightness settings, if the screen is broken, I have a spare.
a) your software probably needs updating, this will considerably improve performance, number of satellites found and add extra features, including music muting
b) check your screen brightness settings, if the screen is broken, I have a spare.
I haven't actually tried to use the sat nav in the 147 as it's pointless when I can't read it, so no idea if it mutes the music, I'll give it a whirl to check though.

Definitely not the settings as I've fiddled with those.

How much are you looking for to change the screen and is it something you could do whilst I wait if I drove to you?
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