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I recently changed my 1.4 MA downpipe due to the old one being built improperly. I had a 76mm downpipe leading into a 63mm midpipe and then into the stock exhaust from the centre resonator. Car ran well, no issues. The downpipe broke off on a weld recently and I had a new pipe built. To save time (I needed the car back), the builder used the stock midpipe. So now I have a 76mm downpipe reducing into the 50mm (or is it 57mm?) midpipe.

The car has a tune on it, and my performance in the first three gears is crazy, it pulls harder than before, but from 120km/h it starts to struggle. Logic tells me the exhaust gasses are being bottlenecked by the smaller pipe at higher speeds, but I have had a throttle body error popping up a few times since my tuner adjusted my tune and played with the TB settings.

Is the acceleration loss at higher speeds due to the pipe, or could the TB not be opening fully?

I have a lambda error that doesn't want to clear, but I think it's because he didn't put the mini cat back. The car starts fine, idles fine for about ten seconds tehn starts sputtering a bit. It still pulls off smoothly and without jerking and drives beautifully. Is this rough idle also the TB or the fact that I don't have a mini cat?
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