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i owned an Alfa 155 ts 16v 1.8 and frankly i'm satisfied with the car but...
have u all noticed that alfa engine (ts16v) have a lot of problems such variator, temperature, wiper means that the engine was not robust,the spares are also expensive and also labour cost.
Now there are no more headaches since i transplant it with the new heart that much more reliable,easy to get spares(reasonable price),robust,heavyduty and also powerfull..
a type-R V-Tec 2.0 honda engine.
Try it, u will be happy everyday with no more headaches.

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I reckon you may have started a big one here mate but I persume your joking. For All their faults and everyone at 155 is aware of them, can't see many people agreeing. Sure as I have said recently myself their the most reliable engine in the world (Japenese) but can you tell me what it's like to be up at 8-9k revs all the time to get the car to go TIRING????

It's alright having wonderful bhp figures like these Japanese cars surely have, but it's about more than a catchy marketing spec sheet (look beneath the surface) and I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't want to have to be on the limiter all the time in order to beat a 1.3 Ford fiesta away from the traffic lights!

Also, to do that I sadly can't help thinking you have missed the point about owning the purest thoroughbred in the world and I include the prancing horse in that to.

Someone please please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure alfa have more race victories than any other marque in the history of motorsport, and is continuing to rise at present thanks to Larini and Co. stomping all over Tarquini's FACTORY HONDA in an unreliable underpowered privateer Alfa Romeo.

Regards MAK

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Are U sure ?
It may not be Honda's VTEC (unfortunately), but maybe you have Alfa's !.... you know the ever so reliable CAM VARIATOR one !

Sorry, had to say it as mine is giving grief at the moment.....wish I had Honda's one....


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Sympathy Ger perhaps someone here can help with the probs. As for the Honda no thanks I don't care what the figures are although if you look back at the 2.0 litre from the same era their not that great anyway it's only the 2.2 or the very latest 2.0 litre that are outstanding in a mere spec context which would mean only a fair comparison with the latest in the FIAT group, I've driven one and they do nothing for me just like german cars clynical and boring just without the german ultra reliability lie, they do deliver on that!

Warmest Regards



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Listen Guys........

My friend owns a Honda Integra Type R (1.8 187 BHP), he thrashes it all the time from is reliable as ever...if i had to treat my Alfa like that, I bet it wouldn't be so reliable (I have experienced that!).

Other friends of mine own a civic VTi and a Toyota Glanza V (1.3 DOHC 16V Turbo).
These cars are extremely fast, especially in acceleration and prove reliable, needing nothing more than normal routine servicing.


I think Alfa Romeos possess a "SOMETHING" one can precisely explain.....Character is the closest word..that makes you love these cars.
Even though they aren't necessarily better or worse than these japanese cars.

As regards changing to a Type R engine on a 155....its sacrilege !!! Like putting a Peugeot diesel engine on a Ferrari.

Its not that the Type R engine has something bad ... Far from it !! Infact in my opinion I am fascinated by this engine.
But you simply can't do it !!!

Best Regards,

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No offence! but you have messed with the resale value. I wouldnt touch your car with a barge pole if you were selling it. They only way id buy it is if it was cheap enough for me to buy another alfa enngine to put back in it!

If you like figures and specs etc... You should of put the "Best engine in the world" under the bonnet. An alfa V6, although if money was the reason then I understand!

Although I do not approve of your efforts in modifiying your car... I am damn interested in seeing a picture of a Honda lump sitting in it. Ca you send me one?

Take care

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Hi Eric,

I found much of what you said spot on but I would like to add the following if I may and then I'll give you all a rest from my babbling for a week or so!

There are many different reasons for great book figures and that is why I try to look beneath the marketing sound bites!

I think we have established the fact that japanese cars are ultra reliable and I do have time for some of them myself, I got close to buying one, but as you have pointed out they are just not an Alfa.

To me it's the little things that make them different from everything else. If you go back to the 33's I used to love the fact that the ignition was on the opposite side (sadly scrapped on 164) and that they felt like being in a mystical car from the glorious racing days.

They don't look like they have had the dimensions chucked in a wind tunnel and the computer spat out the same shape 1000 times with a different badge either. (you can't say that about the majority of japanese cars)!

As for the Civic VTI it is a wicked little car and puts out an insane bhp for an 1800 but not only is it nearly half the size of a 155(weight huge factor)and looks like a jelly mould, the 155 is a tourer/family sports car and it's silly to try and compare.

I do like the fact that japanese car's have this sort of non snobish can't judge them type atmosphere around them "it's like, yeh we can all see you drive an M3 and think your really important and above everyone but my non elitist badged skyline will still kick your arse pal"

There is no doubt that they have been good for keeping the big lazy manufacturers on their toes as they continually push the boundaries of engine design and I do respect them greatly.

But I think the only way to sum up the difference is to quote the designer of the Alfa Sud "Alfa is a very special way of living... it is much more to do with a man's heart than that of his brain"


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Hit the nail on the head Mak,

Alip please don't suggest a true Alfa enthusiast try another engine!

Think about it - What image does the word Alfa Romeo conjure up in your head? Probably the thing that first comes into my head is the engines! Alfa engines are renowned the world over. In my opinion what you have done is to deffinately rip the heart out of the car, but in more senses than one.

Take that Alfa badge off the boot and replace it with a Big red R! Because the moment you put that engine in your car it became some sort of cross bread mongrel.

Your words suggest your engine was in good working order, and you still got rid of it?

I know that if i blew my engine beyond economical repair i wouldn't have hesitated to try and source a gorgeous 3.0 litre V6!

Alfa Romeo - the racing heritage, the lovingly penned designs, the unique indivduallity, with a ... err........ with a Honda Engine?
Doesn't quite sound right somehow.

No offence btw alip.
The Vtec seems to get nothing but good reviews, and i'm sure the car goes great.

But please, please don't take it to Italy you'll be shot! ;)



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Hey everyone, I've got an idea...why don't we find the Honda site (as if anyone would be interested enough to start one) and flood it with Alfisti-speak. Mind you, somehow I think it would be wasted on them. Let's keep it Italian, eh!?!? :rolleyes: ;)

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thanks to u all Alfisti for the comments. But the it was facts..a lot of problem arise from alfa:
1.Crankshaft oil seal(behind the flywheel) engine oil constantly leak even i changed it to brand new original seal! why??
2.Camshaft cover, rubber seal need to be added with some silicon gasket in order to avoid leakage. But it still leak and clearly we can see at cylinder no.1 or 2 from left side (if i'm not mistaken)! why??
3.Cam variator, very quick to fu#k up ! why??
4.Wiper motion problem.... why??
5.Spark Plug (ts 16v) so fu#king expensive.. is there any concern from ALFA???
6.always got unexpectedly problem whish was not happened to any other brands of car..those problem u all can figure out from this forum for sure!... why??

we as an ALFA MANIACS put a lot of efforts and our love to alfa but it seems not to be concerned by FIAT/ALFA ROMEO people (manufacturer). They know we facing alot of these headaches problems but no improvement or some sort of 'concerned' from them. am i right???

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I take your point they are not and never have been reliable in comparison to Japanese cars. I also do not and have never looked at them through rose tinted spectacles when they can cost as much as a mercedes to then repair with no resale value!

I would imagine also that we have all at some point also shared your frustrations with FIAT about their appeared slow and arrogant approach to improving mechanical products which are clearly badly designed.

However I wonder what it is about owning an Alfa that you enjoy, as it appears for someone to go to the depths you have in the name of reliabilty you would be better of with something different?

I would love for you to name another manufacturer in the world who captures the spirit and excitement/enthusiasm that Alfa do and also have Japanese reliabilty, because I can tell you there isn't one.

Even Ferrari's have an appalling reliablity record although it is always hush hush and millionaire owners simply balance this with the exhiliration and design that far outway it.

The Cam belt/tensioner problem for example being the same on any Italian car I have ever come across!

There is always a trade off and I feel you are trying to have your cake and eat it. It is not in the Italian ethos to look at design in a Japanese or German perspective so that you produce cars of tank like quality but that are as cold and clynical as anything man has ever made.

If you find it hard to comprehend what I'm am trying to and probably failing to convey then I would sadly say that Alfa Romeo just isn't for you my friend and I can understand that when spending one's hard earned money that you feel you would be better off with a more sensible alternative where different priorities are built upon.

Best regards and respect


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No one is saying Alfa is perfect.

I mean lets face it, we wouldn't have bought Alfa if we wanted completely hassle free motoring!

Running an Alfa is about more than a reliable, minimal maintenance engine.
We would have bought Honda if we wanted that. (maybe)

You'll see that anyone with problems with Alfa will post on this forum. The postees of these problems from what i have seen aren't complaining, just looking for a solution (the opposite to your initial post) for which they usually get in a friendly helpfull manner.
This is true to the Alfa way, and indeed to car enthusiasts everywhere.

No i think you've kind of missed the point, i'm not going to repeat any of the above posts, but read them carefully and hopefully you'll get some idea.



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Hi Guys
This is a dangerous area we are entering – this is religion (some fire missiles or cash airshafts into building for religious reasons). With out going too much into emotions – emotions are what make some buy Alfas, Hondas, BMW etc. Others just buy a tin-box on four wheels for transport without any feelings (good for them).
But, being a bit provocative, what is an Alfa in-line four engine of to day – a Fiat Group Modulo with a modified cylinder head. Next generation might be a GM something family engine, the V6 replacement is certainly going to be something like that, it seems. But it’s beside the point – it’s what the designers and engineers do to it. Bodies – when the 155 was launched the headlines went “See the new Alfa Thempra……eh, sorry 155”, but now a group of people (us) around the world loves them.
As for the variator problem (which is the only serious reoccurring one of the 16 valve generation have) IT IS a scandal that manufactures like the large and greatly diversified Fiat Group took more than four years to solve it – it seems to everybody that they didn’t bother.
Alfisti regards from 4 times Alfa (twice Lancia and 4 times Fiat) owner of the past 15 years (in conjunction with my wife)
Erik :D

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Anybody seen Novembers What Car helpline.
Somebody had a load of engine problems with his Accord Type R.

Mike :rolleyes:
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