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well after changing my blown up differentail for a Q2 diff, i thought id better check the clutch aswell.....

yep, its totaly up poop creek!!!! not bad for less than 2years motoring

well ive been looking on CG-MOTORSPORT - Clutch Kit Specialists at the uprated clutches. not the race clutches just the fast road ones, with the stronger pressure plate...

only problem is my 156 JTD is the 2.4 140 2001, and they list the JTD 135 (05/00-06/02) or JTD 150 (03/02-05/03)..... so the year of mine is the 135, but id say its more closer to a 150 than the older 135

ive noticed that there part numbers are all the same for the 1.9 jtd's and 2.4 jtd's what ever the year (except 2.4 20V) so im ashuming there all the same????? and as i cant get on EPER at the mo i cant find out

anyone else know if the 135 or 150 clutch will fit mine, and are they the same????
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