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Cars @ The Course 25/9/11 Pics

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I look like a right spaz polishing my car :lol:

and that closeup makes me look worse :eek:
nice pics, thanks for sharing :thumbs:

Love the 8C, GTO and i like the idea of have a sup'd up jap car, there was some nice ones there (Supra, RX7 etc)

Where was it held?
Thanks Snokes :)

It was held at Windsor Race Course, worth going down to if your in the area. It was a great mix of cars, plenty of old skool VWs to have a look at, a few of my fave Barry boy machines, plenty of Italian Beauties to check out and a shed load of Porsches :)
Lovely collection of pictures of the day Katy.
I woke up to rain and it stayed wet all day in Nottingham so it looks like the weather gods were far better in Windsor
Great pics Katy :cool:
Nice event this one and yes the weather was really good :thumbs:
Ok, here's my pics from the day - first one to please Steve (finny05):

And one of the course:

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1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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