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You are going to like this!!! Its very popular on another car forum I frequent so I hope you like it too. Its new everyday so I wont need to post a link each day.....just go to the opening post (this one!!) and hit the link below....have a go and then post how you got on. Sometimes its dead easy ....there was a 4C the other day.....sometimes its near impossible....there was a Gumpert too....I would not have known that if it was parked in front of me!

Todays is very it in one!

Only one rule..... when you have had a go and tell us how many pics it took....don't post the answer here or give too much away in the way of clues as that will ruin it for others playing along....enjoy!

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In 3 today. Although I did think of that car at 1 but talked myself out of it!
First go. Worrying that I can get that straight out but can tell my lambos apart.
Took me until four today, though in fairness it is a bit before my time!

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In two....guessed the sister model first.....
First go! Must be through messing with a mate's in the second half of last century. Funniest thing he did was cut the roof off. First the doors wouldn't open so we jacked it up in the middle, then it folded in half when we took the jacks out.
Got it in one. . . must be an age thing!
First go. Worrying that I can get that straight out but can tell my lambos apart.
Actually I'd be more concerned if you knew the Lambo but missed the Imp.
Shows you have feet on the ground and perhaps have a lack of superficial aspirations which is what modern society seems to encourage.
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Monday's offering threw me. 2 cars in 1st picture but second picture made it obvious.
2 for me too today, marque was obvious from first pic.
Second go.

Another which model conundrum.
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😭 didnt get it. Was down the wrong country line at first.
2.....Thought it was a Toyota MR2 first!!!
I'm afraid it's another manufacturer where I'm not interested enough to remember what all the different models are called.
At least they don't all look the same, like the Lambo the other day though. I knew which model it was - I just had no idea what that model was called.
Four again today. Guessed just about every other model from the period before finally getting it.

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5 - Poor show today, thought it would be long before my time given the first 2 clues, 3rd cemented the marque, 4th gave a bit of a curveball with the model.
Got it on 3 but didn't put a number to it so no correct guess after 5 attempts so technically I didn't get it!
First two were miles out, third was a dead ball, got it on the fourth.
Got it two - first guess was a wrong number!
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