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You are going to like this!!! Its very popular on another car forum I frequent so I hope you like it too. Its new everyday so I wont need to post a link each day.....just go to the opening post (this one!!) and hit the link below....have a go and then post how you got on. Sometimes its dead easy ....there was a 4C the other day.....sometimes its near impossible....there was a Gumpert too....I would not have known that if it was parked in front of me!

Todays is very it in one!

Only one rule..... when you have had a go and tell us how many pics it took....don't post the answer here or give too much away in the way of clues as that will ruin it for others playing along....enjoy!

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Hmm. My first visit to the website. I haven't even bothered to check if I'm right even though I thought it would be lots of trouble. I think I was trained well by Scudetto's excellent car doodles
I thought it was some Chinese monstrosity so given I did not even guess, I don't see I was too far off.
Utterly forgettable.
Friday's entry took me to see the rear lights before I knew.
In 1. Again.
Probably just lucky though.
3 for me.
I was going to post guesses but not yet.
Wheels dated it.
In 1, although I'll never be seen in one.

Actually, I've decided I don't mind them but if they became as common as VWs, I'm sure I would mind.
In 3 today. The rather square front had me thinking of something rather brutish and probably saloon in type. First thought was German, then American but when I saw the second picture, I figured I had no idea. Believe it or not, I wasn't even sure with the 3rd picture but my guess was right.
I failed on the Saturday offering. I guessed the make straight away but got no further. I'm just not interested in that kind of thing.
First go. Worrying that I can get that straight out but can tell my lambos apart.
Actually I'd be more concerned if you knew the Lambo but missed the Imp.
Shows you have feet on the ground and perhaps have a lack of superficial aspirations which is what modern society seems to encourage.
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Monday's offering threw me. 2 cars in 1st picture but second picture made it obvious.
I didn't guess until 4th picture.
The bonnet strap put me off but I was slowly narrowing it down.
4 for me.
I wonder if anyone will ace it. I doubt it.
Different experience for me. I had no idea until 4th guess. I guessed the correct model on 1st guess but did not connect it to manufacturer until 4th. It accepted my entry OK.
In 2 for me.
The trouble I often have is if there are similar possibilities is picking the right one. Picture 2 made it easier though.
How can you get the model in 1 but not the manufacturer until 4? :unsure:
Ford GT. What manufacturers have made a model called GT?
I was thinking of Audi for some reason after seeing the first picture.
Because I got the GT part right when I thought it was an Audi GT (Coupe/Quattro). No other guesses until I guessed Ford GT. So the GT part was right 1st time.

Sunday's offering took me 3. I'm sure everyone else will be better than that.
Nearly defeated today.
I got a shocking 5. View of B pillar should have nailed it. To think I got Hillman Imp in 1.🙄
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