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You are going to like this!!! Its very popular on another car forum I frequent so I hope you like it too. Its new everyday so I wont need to post a link each day.....just go to the opening post (this one!!) and hit the link below....have a go and then post how you got on. Sometimes its dead easy ....there was a 4C the other day.....sometimes its near impossible....there was a Gumpert too....I would not have known that if it was parked in front of me!

Todays is very it in one!

Only one rule..... when you have had a go and tell us how many pics it took....don't post the answer here or give too much away in the way of clues as that will ruin it for others playing along....enjoy!

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Got it at the last attempt, which is better than I've done the previous 2 days!
4 for me, got the make in 1 but not the correct model.
By all means let us know how you did but please don't give the answer as some of us don't get to do the quiz until much later on and you've given the game away on this one!
Like others, I got the make quickly enough but not the model.
Different experience for me. I had no idea until 4th guess. I guessed the correct model on 1st guess but did not connect it to manufacturer until 4th. It accepted my entry OK.
How can you get the model in 1 but not the manufacturer until 4? :unsure:
Ford GT. What manufacturers have made a model called GT?
I was thinking of Audi for some reason after seeing the first picture.
But how did you know its model name was GT in 1 if you didn't know its make was Ford until 4?
I feel glad that I didn't get today's, not something I'm at all interested in!
Got it in 1, I was definite on the make and a lucky guess on the model :cool:
Fail for me today, I'm afraid exotica passes me by lol.
Sorry to say I didn't have a clue until pic 4, and that only gave me the make :(
1 - 20 of 2208 Posts