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got a strange problem - my 155TS16VS wont start with absolute random. I can go like a week and it starts like an angel but then out of the blue it wont. And the only thing is to push it to start.

I took her to shop and they told me that I had a busted RPM sensor and CO sensor. The RPM on dash flips sometimes - wont display RPM but i'v noticed that the car will start even if the rpm is not workin.

Has any of you had a same problem ? dont feel like spitting 500 eur for RPM sensor.. and another 400 for CO...

I personally feel that there is something in the electric systems.. but I had my alfa only for 2 months now..

Thnx in advance

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Is it a cold-starting problem, or a hot-starting problem, or is it just random?

You have to try and spot a pattern when it doesn't start - it might point you to where the fault is.

I don't think the revcounter/CO sensor has anything to do with it at all.

Ralf S.

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Hi K

I would have thought this is the kind of thing only a garage could help with.

However, the CO sensor, presume you mean the oxygen sensor in the exhaust? Dont think this is the problem, it will cause the engine to run rough but not stop it firing up. By the way, dont ever push start your car, you will damage the catalytic converter!!!!

It sounds like the ignition/fuel/electrical system.
Are you getting sparks to the engine everytime or just occassionally?
Perhaps a fuel problem, check the pump and filters.
Is there a bad earth for the car?

The list could go on and on!!!

Also, the price you have been given for the Oxygen sensor is very expensive, they are about 80-100euros here. Don't know about the RPM sensor.

Try another garage!


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it will start and run even with the oxygen sensor disconnected.when it wont start check for a spark also crank it over and listen for the fuel pump.

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So far. I can hear the fuelpump for some sek as it gets the pressure up. The problem is with cold and host start. The sparks were all replaced about 1000 KM back with 100000 overhaul maintenece.

Can it be some strange immobilizer problem ?


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Try to disconnect the inertia switch under the driver seat, look for the two wires and connect them with each other. If the car fires up you've found it, change the switch. If not keep looking

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