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I've been having this "Selespeed limp mode" issue (not engine limp mode) and after few cold nights without running I found out that the car now won't even start. When I press start START it wasn't even making any ticking noise at all.

Was going to blame just 3 months old Varta F19 battery but then I noticed that everything else is working fine (lights, locks and etc) unlike when you have flat battery and electronics struggle (e.g. dimmed lights, very weak door lock response) As I mentioned in the beginning it has problem with the gearbox issue so I been playing around with ground cables but haven't had much time these days.

Anyway so I went to hood and briefly wiggled all the earth cables then walla the car starts as powerful as before (as it should with a 820 CCA battery) but now the check gear box message and gear selection keeps blinking and plus I can't select Reverse anymore. Previous MES errors were mainly related to "body computer losing signal" and the limp mode was kinda responsive to brake pedal (the switch was already replaced btw) I'm kinda concluding that it's probably the earth cable relevant to all those modules

- brake light or switch
- engine start motor
- gearbox

I've sourced below diagram from other guy's post but couldn't quite work out what it would be. All earth contact point has been cleaned previously so I'm suspecting the cable itself losing continuity and recent cold weather contributing to it.

If anyone can point out what module it would be that will be appreciated !!


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