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car battery

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Hi everyone, I have just returned from a 5 week holiday. Went I got back my gtv wouldnt start. I disconnected battery and gave a quick boost on the charger put it in and it has been fine for a couple of days. I keep testing the voltage and decided to give it a long trickle charge yesterday.

These are the voltage readings i have had.

When I disconnected it the first time it was 11.9V.
Can't remember what it was after a quick charge.
Then on Thurs am 12.12 then went for a short drive (10 mile)
thurs pm 12.36 then left it over night
Fri am 12.24 then charged it
When i took it off trickle charge i think it was 12.9?
Moved it into garage and then it was 12.36 (it was on the drive)
Later that night 12.55 Not sure how it went up?
Sat am 12.44

Should i get a new battery or is it ok?

Thanks for any help
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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