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Hello again and thanks for help in gearbox issue a while a go! I got it replaced but now i've bumped in to a new problem. My engine was rebuilt completely a little bit over 6 months ago. I've since that done about 20.000km with it and its worked pretty nicely! I took my car to valve adjustment yesterday and my alfa workshop who did the rebuilt found out that my camshafts which was ok when rebuilt were now started to worn. I know that previous owner had changed camshafts less than 100.000km ago. Now they are worn again i've heard that especially in 2.0ts 8v has a history in material faults in camshafts. Have anyone of you had any similar problems. This also means that in my case it doesnt depend on oil i've changed oil every 5.000-7.000km and checked level and pressure all the time. Which is intresting is that camshafts were ok when they did the rebuilt. This leads finally to my real question which is about high performance camshafts. Do you know any other manufacturer than colombo&bariani? What kinds of effects have you had with these or others. Is it worth 600€?

2.0 T.S. 8V
Stainless steel manifold with remus pipe
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