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Well this went down well last year and as we have another extra Bank Holiday it'd be a shame to waste it ;)

So please come and join us (again) and have a great day out driving and meeting up with old and new friends :D

Here are the details

The starting point is:

At 11.00 a.m. The route takes about an hour and a bit and we will stop for some photo opportunities en route

The end point is:

And a map of our route,-0.369436+to:52.59106,-0.45375+to:52.5989153,-0.5076835+to:52.6229823,-0.5450244+to:52.64091,-0.60577+to:52.6427074,-0.6234515+to:52.63808,-0.63237+to:52.6334864,-0.6834202+to:52.62237,-0.71156+to:52.61857,-0.71334+to:52.6050101,-0.7195695+to:Oakham+LE15+8BL&hl=en&geocode=FTD4IQMdcWP7_ykv3IiBI_J3SDGnfcHuTlf0bg;Ffd2IQMd5Fz6_ylRjIZeZ-13SDHh_Za9qBwOEw;FdR5IgMdihP5_ynPBCq0XIx3SDGw4L68qBwOEw;FYOYIgMd3UD4_ylL_zw-vI53SDGxrXG9qBwOEw;FYb2IgMdAK_3_yljhBZu1oh3SDHwpP29qBwOEw;FY48IwMdtsH2_ynrTmbHPIZ3SDFxWDK4qBwOEw;FZNDIwMdpXz2_ylZmtl1RIZ3SDHhVzK4qBwOEw;FYAxIwMdzln2_yndHF_uXYZ3SDHQrjG4qBwOEw;FY4fIwMdZJL1_ymtSBrCtIZ3SDHg6oK9qBwOEw;FSL0IgMdeCT1_yknmb2gXYF3SDEBnIu9qBwOEw;FUrlIgMdhB31_yln9nwHXoF3SDHxm4u9qBwOEw;FVKwIgMdLwX1_ymXBzhi3IN3SDEA2EW9qBwOEw;FTGaIwMd70n2_ymJ3u10qYd3SDH5ArvT8mYHCA&mra=dpe&mrsp=11&sz=12&via=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11&sll=52.611596,-0.702095&sspn=0.096313,0.220757&ie=UTF8&ll=52.636813,-0.622101&spn=0.096258,0.220757&z=12

There are some pics so you can have a look at the fab day we had last year......The cafe is excellent but perhaps BBQ's and butties as well as the lovely cakes might be an idea?? Let me know what you think?

Hope you'll sign up soon :thumbs: :D

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Seeing as the meet is on the day after i arrive back in UK then i highly doubt it :(
I've got a couple of weeks off I'll go and sort it out for you :rolleyes:

Ok just sit in it making car noises and sending you photo's of the fun I'm having in your car :p
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