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hi boys
I drive a 18ts 8v.a month ago i take off the cylinder head because the in 4th cylinder the dush that push down(i dont know the exactly name of it) the inlet valve was broken .
after i refit the cylinder head i try to timming the cams.
so there is a mark on the fly wheel (dificalt to see it).
the last time i was timing those cams was 2years ago and i was put the mark in the fly wheel with in the marks on the cams.
so the was going very nice.
today .
the alfa workshop manual an some alfas service shop say that you put the spesial tool in the spark hose of 1st cylinder to find the top deth point TDP so i put the spesial tool and i saw that tdp is 5 degrees before the mark in the fly wheel
what to do put it with the spesial tool or with the mark in the fly wheel
any one knows what is the mark in flyweel for?
thang you all
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