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Hi all,
My 155 2ltr twinspark has done 45,000 miles and is on a 97 'P'plate and i don't seem to have that noise you all go on about with the cam belt tensioner.

Should i change it anyway?

I know most off you have had your cambelts changed by a Garage/Dealer but has anybody done a DIY job and how did it go?

What engine setup did you use before stipping and is their any timing marks on the crank,cam pulleys that i should be looking for.

Any emails to PM would be helpful or pictures (dodgey though they might be)or sites that i can go on.

Thanks again


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Hi Ted.
If your variator is not noisy, there's no need to change it. I was recently told by an Alfa specialist that even if the variator is noisy on initial start-up, but then quietens down, not to change it.

It's worth noting that the cambelt change alone is relatively straight forward and can be achieved without the cam locking tools. However, to change the variator you must lock the cams and depending on what type of inlet cam you have, it may be necesary to change that as well.

I noted from your previous post on this subject that you had only bought the belts. You must change the cambelt tensioner pulley as well (this is historically the part that fails on this engine) and ideally the balancer belt tensioner as well.

Hope this helps and good luck with the job!


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Thanks Guys ,
I hate doing cam belts that is one reason why i kept my 75 Twinspark for so long.
I have ask my Alfa Dealer if he would sell me the CD for my model (155 2ltr Ts) and he said sorry but we can't get hold of them.
So you have probably guess my next question, where can i get one from, I don't mind even if i've got to pay for a copied version and if not a CD where can i get a Manual from as there wasn't a manual for my 75 so i just used the Alfetta which was basically the same.

Cheers anyway guys


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thats a complete lie......they do and can sell them he just cant be arsed to sell you one....ive given wrinx a copy of my new c.d he might if you ask him nicely send you a copy(i dont have cdrw) :) :D
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