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My V6 has 108k on the clock, a service history, but I can't find any actual cam belt replacement info or notes. I am intending to get the old boat serviced and given a jolly good rub down with a wet copy of the sunday aport by Perkins Engines Garage in Peterborough.

When should the cam belt be replaced, and what other work would need to be done?

The old girl still losses some water somewhere, and the header tank is still a bit mayonaissey.

WillI need head gaskets replacing etc. Help need guidance. :confused:

Don't usually have a car long enough to get it serviced! frown

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Cambelts are every 72k.

Hhmm, sounds like a weeping headgasket
oil channel into coolant channel,
but which head gasket eek!

Any mayonaisey substances under the oil filler
cap? in fact might be best to take the cam cover
with the filler cap on off, if you can't see
any white gunk here, then maybe its the other
Any white smoke?

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The belt on my V6 hadn't been changed for 96K, it was crusty and had some splits when it came off so I'd get it done if I was you.

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andy ...PERKINS.......oh well.. :rolleyes: !!!!!!!!

get the tensioner done and all the idler bearings..cos it isnt just the TS that has trouble with them.

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Jimybob, Perkins have done most of my servicing for years. My logic goes that if you've got to have engine work done, go to a place that makes engines!

I feel a large and unpleasant bill coming on!

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Not Perkins who made those smoky old Sierra diesels? Your car will go in as a lovely warbling V6 and come out as an oil burner eek! eek! :D


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I do hope they don't retro fit my V6 with a smoky Diesel!

might help fuel consumption though!

Was talking to a mech there, he said that onl;y a few weeks before they did a 156 T-Spark £1000 rebuild after a serious cam belt snapping moment.

He said the driver lost power on a Motorway and went down the gearbox foot to floor in a bid to get it back.

16 bent valves, knackered valve guides, screwed pistons.


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Tarquini, my old ship, had the same symptoms as yours. It seems that a leaky gasket in the V6 just shows up as French Mustard in the collant tank. There was nothing in the oil or under the oil filler cap.

Matey Mechanic could not find a leak when he pressure tested the blocks and said I could either live with it or it might let go at any time.

I didn't fancy breaking down on a cold winter's evening somewhere I had the head gaskets changed and everything's been fine ever since.

Doing the heads is easiest with the motor out. I got Matey to change the clutch, cambelts, tensioners and also the radiator while the motor was on his floor as these items were on their last legs or coming up to scheduled replacement anyway.

That way I managed to save myself a few quid but overall fixing it all cost more than the car originally did.

Ralf S.

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Hi !!!

My V6 had the following symptoms (at 192k):
- a bit mayonnaisey on the header tank (nothing in the oil)
- noise of flowing water in the dashboard
- lost of water

Result: after a speed run and at 197k: 2 head gasket for the fancy amount of 1860 euros (included replacement of the cam belt and the radiator, motor was dropped) but I now need to refill airco !!

Cheer up !!!


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