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Hello all, Got the beasty booked in next week for cam belt and a pile of other bits. Having water pump done at the same time as a precaiution.
On an earlier thread jorge Delgado gave a list of things to change but I couldnt find the final answer. So here are what I think is a complete list so please some one confirm that these are all the parts, or are there things on the list not worth doing.

belts: 60812382, 60814319, 60617859
tensioners: 60602136, 60814110, 60812622, 60812384
variator: 60666199
and others pulleys 60617856, 60602824, 60671573


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peter its all wrong..

your list is too big and there are parts you will never need.

there are also parts that dont seem to be for alfa.

at this point a chassis number would be of great help so i can give you the correct numbers.

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if you have a 96-on 2.0ts with aircon this is what you need.

60814319 T/belt
60812622 tensioner
60671573 idler bearing

60812382 B/belt
60812384 tensioner

60813418 alt/belt tensioner
60617859 alt belt
60602136 alt/belt idler

60586222 water pump.
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