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Calling prospective Brera buyers

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Looking for a Brera?

Please Be-Aware-a.....

plt motors: Used cars

Of course, the Brera may not be as bad and the vendor has declared but still.....something to be careful of!!!
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Sorry but what exactly is the point of your post.!!!
1) PLT motors = vendor

2) White GT was sold by PLT motors and is an absolute shed (please see thread). It was so bad that this chap (recognised trader on this forum) Italia auto parts refused to work on it.

3) PLT motors is back in the game with a BREARA DIEsel. On this occasion the vendor has "declared" the car as being "categorised" - was not the case with the GT and when you have a chance - check out the pics of the bodge on the GT

All in all, if it helps someone out - i thought they might like to take a read.

Nutshell^ -
Yes read the post about the gt . Feel very sorry for the buyer I hope he gets it sorted but your post is really about what ??? There are thousands off cars with a hidden history so off u go and highlight them too. Without knowing a full story from both the seller and the buyer and plenty off hear say in between u are judging someone .
I am sorry for hurting your feelings. What have i judged? I have flagged that there were issues potentially known to the vendor and he sold a car that was dangerous. I have then noticed another car for sale, mentioned it has been declared as "Categorised" but to "watch out". I have nothing against the chap and if it means someone has a deeper look and they feel happy enough to buy - fair enough. was it me "judging" or are you the pot reading between the lines and then spanking the kettle?
No lines to read between but thank you for your public service
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