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Hi everyone,

This is my first official post - so I hope I'm not repeating anything. I'm currently looking at purchasing a 2005-2006 GT 2.0lt JTS Selespeed. My budget seems to allow me to find models with around 65-85 thousand km's on the clock.

I've done some research, checked some other forums and the buyers guide and I've come up with a few things to check being:

- Cam belt changed at 60,000kms
- Check oil level after test drive
- Service schedule all good
- No signs of accidents
- Disc wearing
- Does the owner love it
- Rear hatch rubber bush
- Check all buttons and electrics work
- No signs of track use
- Check shifting through all gears, and power through the gears
- All warning lights come on and off again 3 seconds later
- Paperwork (VINs, finance etc...) checks out
- Have it all checked by an independent mechanic.

I have a couple of questions in my mind.

1) Anything else that I should have on the GT used car checklist?

2) I live in Melbourne, Australia, could anyone around there recommend a great mechanic to check over a GT prior to purchase

3) Apart from the regular service schedule what would you guys recommend doing to keep the car in top notch condition? Any tricks of the trade with these cars worth knowing?

Thanks for your help and time and look forward to becoming an Alfa convert.

Cheers, Dave

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Your list sounds pretty comprehensive :thumbs:

Listen for any knocks or creaks when driving. Drop links may knock and wishbone bushes creak.
Mine knocks and I have ordered the drop links just in case.

Do like red GT's :)
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