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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a 2003 Alfa 147 Selespeed and wanted to check a couple of things before i commit.

its a 2003, with 72,000kms (in Australia). It had the Selespeed actuator replaced about 6 months ago, and had the timing belts etc changed on the last service a couple of thousand km's ago. so it should be fine right?

on the test drive i noticed 2 things

1 - a constant squeak from the front right. the owner mentioned he had been told it was the swaybar D bushes needing replacement. i contacted the service centre he uses for a vehicle history and they mentioned the same thing. in conjunction with this, i noticed the front right tyre was more worn than the front left, though the owner though they had been rotated at servicing. i have read a lot about the front wishbones, and am concerned it may be that.

2 - there was a 'slight' shudder when taking off from a standing start. it was ever so slight, and didn't happen every time. is this normal?, remembering the selespeed actuators were replaced recently?

Any advice, ideas on things to check?

is there anyone in Aus who can confirm an approximate cost for the wishbones if that is the issue with the front?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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