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I like tinkering with cars... always have.

But my Alfa (and I believe most new cars) are buttoned up so tight these days, or built of such shoddy crap that you dare not or cannot play around with them.

For instance. Yesterday I decided to add a second cig socket to my 159 for my phone charger.
The stupid existing one takes up the whole cup holder when the charger is plugged in (not that any cup fits said cup holder :rolleyes:)

I decided to fit it in the cubby/change holder in the back of the centre console. Easy I thought.

Yea... You basically need to remove the interior of the car to get a wire from the back of the console to the dash.
Remove the handbrake gaitor - snap... broken plastic clip. Remove the side panel of the console - snap... broken plastic clip.

On the up side, found another 3 spare loose screws in the gearstick area and yet another odd unknown unfitted or fallen off plastic trim under the seat. 4 in total now.

Finally got the cables to the fusebox..... WHERE THE HELL IS A SPARE IGNITION FEED ?
In the good old days, you stuck your head under the dash, found an ignition supply and jumped off that.
Now you can't even see a cable.

Same happened when I decided to fit a camera to the front of the car (had a spare AV input on the head unit and thought why not)...
Ever tried getting through the bulkhead... it ain't happening without some serious butchery or risk taking.

No more modding I fear :rant:
OK... feel better now
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