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Hi there ,
i am the proud owner of an alfa 147 1.9 JTD.
Just installed a original radio with my carkit Bury CC 9048.
the problem that i am having is it is plug and play ( iso connectors) between the car and radio. So far so good but when i try to connect my iPhone to the carkit it doesn't seem to find the carkit. Before in my other car no problem at all. What to do ? or what am i doing wrong ? anyone got an idea?:rotate:

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The power connections on the 147 loom ISO connections is not standard.

There's usually no switched 12V available, just a permanent 12V. In addition, Alfa has exchanged the standard ISO location for the switched and permanent 12V lines ( A4 / A7 ) in the loom connections

Iso standard:
A4 = Permanent +12
A7 =Switched +12 (ignition)

Iso Alfa:
A4 = Switched +12 (or not connected)
A7 = Permanent +12

That's probably where your problem lies, check the power ;)
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