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Hi recently bought a 159 Sportwagon 2.4 (210) with 109k on the clock. Has a full service history and cambelt change @ 84k. It was a bargain @ £5500 but drives very well so I expected to have to fork out some cash when things go wrong.

I do a drive of around 10 miles of which 5 miles is motorway and 3 miles till I get home. I have noticed two days running a burning rubber smell which I am worried is either the cam or serpentine belt rubbing. I had an experience on my African safari when my mates belt tensioner seized on his Jeep Cherokee and I had to drive 300 miles round trip to get a new bearing! In this instance you could not hear the bearing failure but could smell the rubber!

I am picking up a slight engine whine but it does not sound like a "bad" whine inside the cabin. Could anyone else confirm this whine on the 20v unit (its like in the old days an alternator whine coming over the radio on AM).

Researching these symptoms has also thrown up a DPF regen possibility, however yesterday I did @ 180 mile round trip on the motorway so wouldnt have thought a regen was required.

Maybe I will check for plastic bags caught underneath!
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