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A wonderful neighbour has given my Brera a new scar on the rear wheelarch/bumper. It’s all I can see now!

Whilst I’m reasonably handy at moderate DIY I’ve never done any paintwork on a car. Would like to have a go myself but want to make sure I take the correct approach so would welcome some guidance. Depending on what others think I may take it to a professional. I don’t think I’d feel confident if it needed filler and would rather a pro did that.

What I’m hoping is that some primer and building up a few layers with touch up paint and brush before using compound to level this off and applying a little clear coat would suffice?

Does anyone think this is beyond that? Is a rubbing compound enough to bring down paint applied by brush or would this require sanding?

Advice/product recommendations welcome. Like I said if it becomes a bigger job I’d likely go to a professional. Was quoted £70 by the guy who resprayed my front bumper a few months ago.


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