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I have tried to buy the LEDs I linked to in my first post but they gave a blue light.
So i did some experiments myself and replaced the bulbs in the socket with a 2.2kohm resistor and a 3mm Warm white LED and that gives the same light as a bulb.

The procedure is the following.

  1. De-solder the bulb from the socket
  2. Drill the holes for the wire ends up to 1mm
  3. Solder the resistor in series with the LED
  4. Solder the LED and resistor in the socket (see photo)

When the socket is put back in the climate control it have to orientated correctly.
If no light turn the socket 180° and try again. Negative is the pad on the PCB towards the top of the climate controle.

Now I hope the light outlive the car :classic:

The resistor is a standard 0.25W 5% type
The LED is a 3mm Warm White LED (10200mcd) HB3B-449YWF


1 - 2 of 2 Posts