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Hi folks

A little while ago I was reversing in the lovely town of Blackburn, and the council in their wisdom had decided to allow parking, but scatter the area with stone blocks about a foot high.

So of course, I didn't see the one which was too low for my sensors and right behind me and I slammed into it, fast enough to make an effin great hole. The problem is, the hole straddles both the body-coloured bit of the bumper and the black plastic lower half. I've been to a couple of repair places. One said "oh yes, we'll patch it", but the guy looked like a looter from the Tottenham riots. The other place said "no way", and said I'd need a whole new bumper.

The car's an 07 159 Sportwagon in dark blue, and the bumper is a MASSIVE piece. I can get them from ebay for £160, but then there's the respray costs..

Any ideas as to repair? Or does anyone happen to know of one on a broken Alfa in the right colour? Long shot, I admit, but...

I'll post a pic later but it's chucking it down right now!


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