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I am now the proud owner of a 2001 Alfa Lusso 1.6 leather interior manual (not selespeed) with lovely irridescent grey green paint - I love the car. However, there is a problem. 4th hear was very hard last week - happened suddenly while driving, like toffee - sort of like trying to get a cold diesel engine into gear. Drove fine into gear but very hard to get in and out. The AA rescued me and towed the car away advising it may be the gear selector and would probably need a new gear box. However, the garage cannot find anything wrong, the car now drives fine, all gears are sweet as a nut! No diagnosis = no warranty for a new gear box. Is it likely that the gear box had a funny moment and is now okay, or is it likely that there is a serious problem lurking somewhere? The garage did not want to strip the gear box incase they could not find anything wrong and I would be liable for a hefty labour bill, they are suggesting I just continue to drive and if it breaks down again to get it back to them.


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