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Hi, I'm after a bit of help choosing kit for my Brera stereo to make my ipod work with it please. I know there are a large number of threads associated with this topic however what I'd like is a bit of clarification that I've understood correctly what's going on, starting to feel like I'm drowning under all the information.
I have an iPhone3G and a '57 Brera with basic (Blaupunkt I guess?) head unit. What I'd like to do is play the contents of the ipod through the stereo but it must be mounted on the dash and be charging at the same time, for I'd like to use the tomtom app as a satnav. It would be nice to have hands free calling as well however I'm willing to compromise on this if technicalities/cost get in the way.

The Blaupunkt bluetooth adaptor doesn't work with the iPhone according to their website so I've ruled that out.

I did find this and it sounds like it would do the job except this says I can't use the usb connection to access the music contents on my ipod, so would I be right in saying I could run a conventional iphone charging cable from the Toronto HU usb port to the phone to charge it (does it carry enough voltage??) and place it in a phone mount on the dash whilst using bluetooth to access music? I know there are cigarette lighter powered chargers available but I don't like the idea of having a lead running from behind the handbrake lever to the dash, my proposed solution seems at least a little tidier.

Anyway all this adds up to a decent chunk of change, is there a way I can do this for any less? I've discounted FM transmitters because I've read the quality and practicality near city centres is poor. I'm aware of the Dension gateway units but from what I've read I'd have to run a cable from behind the HU, through the glovebox and then out the front and onto the dash. I reckon I'd have difficulty with the glovebox closing shut on a lead, plus it'd be trailing for rather a long way across the dash, anyone else got experience of doing this? I also understand I can only use playlists on the Dension, could I browse albums/tracks using the Blaupunkt HU? The Blaupunkt HU above sounds like a similar setup to the Parrot RKi8400 except it costs less.

Anyway, any info or suggestions on this would be much appreciated thanks.
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