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Brera Q4 noise

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Hi guys
I recently bought myself a 2006 v6 q4 Brera in pretty mint condition , but seeing as it is a very different car to what im used to ( Peugeot 306) i assumed all the different noises it makes are normal and probably came from the all wheel drive systeme + much wider tires
Recently i have driven around town and have noticed that there is a sort of grinding noise coming from the rear when i turn the car at full lock , fairly loud.
It goes away when i straiten up a bit but im seriously thinking it isnt normal and may be something to do with the q4 systeme.
Has anyone else experinced this ? is it common for 4x4 cars or something to worry about ?
Id appreciate the help .
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if it is at full lock it sound like a servo pump, but it doesn't come from should check servo pump anyway, it is common fault on brera
Servo pump eh , never heard of that issue before , thank you I'll suggest to the mechanic to have it checked
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