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Hello fellow alfisti.

Unfortunately I had an accident with my 2.4 jtd sky view Brera that sent it to junkyard (well not yet but soon).

I am buying a 2005 GT next week, with 78000km, and still have the accidented Brera. So I was wondering what I could upgrade in the GT from the brera.
The turbo in the Brera is better isn't it? Could I transfer it to the GT? Is it direct or would I need other parts or adaptations?
The gearbox, flywheel and clutch are almost new (I changed them in December 2010 and it the car in November 2011). Are any of the transferable?
The GT doesnt have light or rain sensors. Are the brera ones transferable? And the barebones brakes in the Brera? Do they fit in the GT?

Thanks in advance for all the help.
Best regards,
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