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Good morning all
First post. And I am afraid I am asking for help. We are an all Italian car house ( 4 cars in total ) and being Italian they ALL have electrical issues to some degree! :big laugh: I call it character.....

Anyways, one of the cars is a 2008 Brera Spider LE (black with tan leather interior) and it has now developed a fault with the drivers side electric window. I get the anti pinch warning inop warning and the window either opens too far when opening the door or fails to close when shutting the door. I've done the full reset procedure several times (I am familiar with this from the Maseratis with the same problem!) and sometimes it works, but this is proving to be less and less effective. (the fault recurs within hours)
I have been told that the fault most likely lies in the window module ECU mounted inside the drivers door. I've had the panel off and I have located the box.. BUT a new one is £300! :censored: When I speak to breakers or go on e bay I can find the modules available, but this is where it gets tricky. Some people say that all the module variants fit all fit the 159/Brera without issue...others say you must match the specific part number or it won't work. So who is right?

My module is numbered 50510513, and I have located replacements which all claim to be compatible but with numbers 50510517 or 50504252 or 50510090 and several more besides this!
Are they interchangeable?

Many thanks
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