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Guys, does all Breras have oil coolers for steering?
I've got a problem that my oil from steering leaks out of the cover all the time.
I think it caused by big temperature of oil. Starts to search some oil cooler like it was on 156 GTA. I was seaching for several days and after i was very impressed!! Eper shows Brera has an oil cooler! :mad::mad:
A few days ago i take off the front bumber and havent seen him at all somewhere.
May be some diesel cars have it or all of the Breras and 159s?
The cooler from the photo in this post is from Brera?

The plastic check valve in your power-steering reservoir is probably broken.
(The fluid is just frothing up, not over heating. You can see this by removing
the filler cap. The plastic check valve will be floating in the reservoir.)

If so the whole reservoir needs to be replaced.

Oil cooler will be for engine oil (turbo'd cars) I think.
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