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Detail completed on Brera S. Bodywork was full of micro-marring, scratches but very few swirls :confused:
Anyway the process (in case you're interested)
Bilt-Hamber Clay, Zymol HD Cleanse, then paint gauge readings taken (140-200, so not bad). GTechniq P1 Nano polish, several sweeps in some areas with a more aggressive pad combo. Panel Wipe wipe down, GTechniq P2 Hologram remover polish.
Zymol Ital wax, 1st time I've used it smells nice and really brings out the flake pop :thumbs:
Wet Glaze jewelling to finish.
Interior: GTechniq W2 clean, Gliptone Leather Cleaner, GTechniq C6 on dash/ plastics, L1 on the leather, G5 on glass.
Wheels: Clay (as above), Meguairs Metal Polish, Panel Wipe wipe down, GTechniq C1, T1 to dress tyres.
Glass: Clay (again), GTechniq G4 polish, GTechniq G5 seal, as most miles down in town and the lower speed required for the water to stream works better.
Polishers: DAS-6 Pro, Makita 9227CB
Pads: Hex Logic


1 - 8 of 8 Posts